Preacher Training

Preacher Training

2017 Preacher Training Program

Encouraging men to do the work of an evangelist!

July 23rd - July 30th

Classes Conducted By: Classes are open for all! Classes include instruction in:
Harry Osborne Classes are not limited to only those who  New Testament Church
Oklahoma City, OK desire to devote themselves to full-time Overview of the Bible
  preaching work. Finding and Outlining Sermons
Jerry Fite   Answering Religious Error
Pasadena, TX Classes are designed to help men develop Fundamental Issues
  their ability to teach and preach the truth Public Speaking
Brett Hogland effectively. And much more
Blue Spring, MO    
  While direct instructions will be provided Register now
Donnie Rader for registered students, visitors are welcome Register online below!
Shelbyville, TN to sit in on the classes.  
    or Send your name, mailing address, 
J.R. Bronger Your only cost will be getting here and back email and phone number to:
Danville, IN home as lodging and meals are provided 84th Street church of Christ
  for participating students on an individual 1017 SW 84th Street
ELDERS: basis by families of the 84th Street church Oklahoma City, OK  73129
Gerald Gudgel of Christ.  
Ronny Hightower   or Call (405) 274-1177
Tim Hogland    


Register Now!  Class Sizes Are Limited!

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